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ALIVE Newly Establishes the ALIVE Foundation

The idea of creating the ALIVE Foundation was proposed by ALIVE’s founder, the late Fusako Nogami, to help nurture the next generation of activists and to support the promotion of future activities. The board of directors of ALIVE unanimously agreed to implement this proposal and the Foundation has been established partly with funding from a legacy of Ms. Nogami. 

Information About the ALIVE Foundation’s Grant Policy

The ALIVE Foundation is dedicated to supporting excellent research and activities that contribute to resolving the problems that affect animals, and also at nurturing promising activists and advocates who can make a positive contribution in the animal advocacy field in future.

Grant-Supported Activities
1. Academic research and activities that explore and examine ongoing issues and problems that are causing harm to animals 
Example: Comparative research into abnormal behavior among animals in zoos
2. Educational and promotional activities that can raise public awareness about animal issues
Examples: Production of educational or promotional films on animal issues/Strategic educational activities using YouTube or similar methods
3. Training to nurture animal welfare advocates
Example: Interactive workshops for learning about animal welfare, related activities, and evaluation tools and methods

Excluded Research and Activities
1.  Activities or research conducted by public organizations such as the Central Government, special corporations, independent administrative agencies etc.
2.  Activities or research conducted jointly with public organizations such as the Central Government, special corporations, independent administrative agencies etc.
3.  Activities or research conducted entirely or in part by subcontractors 
4.  Activities or research subcontracted or funded by private organizations or companies
5.  Activities that apply the proceeds (including donations and contributions) from the execution of relevant activities to activities falling outside the scope of the relevant activities (such as making donations to other organizations or profiting other organizations)
6.  Activities aimed at selling items and that have nothing to do with education or education development
7.  Activities undertaken in cooperation with parent organizations aimed at providing financial support to their subsidiary branches
8.  Activities that provide assistance to other organizations
9.  Activities conducted for religious or political purposes
10. Activities aimed at renovating or repairing facilities or buildings

Organizations that are Ineligible for ALIVE Foundation Grants
1.  The Central Government and local governments (including public organizations,  corporations having special status, independent administrative corporations or any public bodies) (Researchers and students are eligible)
2. When a representative of an organization or group is minor, a guarantor or special arrangements are needed to obtain an ALIVE Foundation grant.

Examples of Costs that Are Ineligible for ALIVE Foundation Grants
1.  Expenses paid to corporations, organizations or individuals for goods or services rendered, etc.
2.  Labour costs (personnel costs)
3. Costs paid in respect of office management fees, personnel costs, and expenses for utilities, facilities, equipment etc.
4. Personnel costs paid to individuals for work unrelated to the founded activities