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All Life In a Viable Environment

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Anti Vivisection Action Network



Listen to the Voices of Life on Earth


The earth is home to a rich variety of life forms. Every life form is valuable, possessing a habitat and a unique culture while connected to one another in a complex ecosystem. But, in recent years many life forms are in deep distress, and others are dying out. Humans contribute to this crisis.

ALIVE listens to the desperate cries for help, bringing information that stresses the need to actively intervene to preserve these lives and maintain the balance of life on earth. ALIVE (All Life In a Viable Environment) strives to create conditions that promote the continued existence of the diversity of life forms needed to sustain the earth. Individually and collectively, we at ALIVE strive to live in a way that causes as little harm to the earth as possible and aim to help create a world where all living things coexist in harmony.

We thank you for your continuing support of our efforts and activities.


Fusako Nogami
Founder of ALIVE