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Great Eastern Japan Earthquake & Tsunami/Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident


Sending our condolences to the victims of Great Eastern Japan Earthquake

Great Eastern Japan Earthquake, which occurred on March 11, is the unprecedented natural disasters in the history of Japan. The earthquake and tsunami disabled reactor cooling systems at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant and triggeed a widespread evacuation surrounding the plant..

ALIVE is sending deep condolences and sympathy to the victims whose mental and physical stabilities were damaged, and who are still greatly suffering from the disaster. We also extend our sympathy to those who have families, friends and relatives in the affected areas. We believe that their pains are enormous.

We are hoping that we could save as much lies as we can and sufficient support is provided. We also hope that we can recover as soon as possible, so that people and animals can feel ease again.
We will do our best in whatever we can to help the victims and the animals that live with people.

Information from ALIVE Office

ALIVE Fukushima, where we keep our panels and other necessary items for exhibitions etc., was also affected by Great Eastern Japan earthquake. Therefore, we are unable to send any equipment that is necessary for panel exhibitions etc. We would also like to inform you that rollover blackout has been implemented in some parts of Kanto. This has been causing the operation of public transportation. Due to these difficulties, the ALIVE office may not be able to answer phones or emails in a timely manner.
We are very sorry for the inconvenience this might cause you. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
ALIVE will continue helping animals in the affected areas, but please understand that we are not accepting any animal supplies due to the limited spaces and resources.

March 14, 2011