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ALIVE Research: Dogs and Cats Destroyed in Japan.

Since 1999, ALIVE has conducted “Nationwide Animal Control Questionnaire Survey” annually. The purpose of the questionnaire is to know about the actual conditions of the dogs/cats that are destroyed at the local government facilities. The result of the survey is issued as an annual report and the report is used when sending ALIVE’s opinions concerning animal administration to the government.

The Number of Dogs and Cats Destroyed in 2007.

The Local Government’s Argument in Destroying Dogs and Cats.

According to the Rabies Prevention Acts and other local government provisions, concerning dogs, the local governments are responsible for capture, custody, return, adoption and destruction.

According to Act on Welfare and Management of Animals, local governments are responsible for capture and destruction (sometimes adoption) of cats and dog, including strays and cats/dogs that are injured and left on the streets due to car accidents.

Destiny of Dogs/Cats at Public Shelter.

There are three destinations for dogs/cats at public shelters. Dogs and cats that are captured and kept at the local government shelters will be returned to the owners, rehomed or destroyed.

Return Dogs /Cats to Owners: Lost or stray dogs/cats will be returned to their owners, if the owners desire to take them back.
Adoption: Find adoptive families, when the original owners give up their ownerships, or when the time that the local government keeps dogs/cats is expired.
Destruction: Dogs/cats will be destroyed, when the government cannot find their owners or new adoptive families.

105 Local Governments Manage Animal Administration.

By 2007, there are 105 local governments that manage animal administration. Such governments are prefectures, cabinet ordinance designate cities, regional core cities, cities that have public health centers. (regional core cities and cabinet ordinance designate cities are increasing every year.)

Numbers of Dogs and Cats Destroyed by Local Authorities in FY 2007


No. of dogs disposed of at owner’s request                 43,552
No. of dogs of unknown ownership seized                   15,933
No. of lost dogs impounded  (returned to owners)       70,740 (15,747)
No. of dogs transferred to new owners                       14,527
No. of dogs supplied to animal experimentation facilities   0
No. of injured dogs  (returned to owners)                     2,520 (421)
No. of dogs destroyed                                              100,963


No. of cats disposed of at owner’s request                 93,643
No. of cats of unknown ownership seized                   113,232
No. of lost cats impounded (returned to owners)            6,278 (180)
No. of cats supplied to animal experimentation facilities     0
No. of injured cats  (returned to owners)                      10,712 (72)
No. of cats destroyed                                                 209,494