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Tighten the Animal Handling Business Regulation:

Proposal (1)

Need Good System to Enforce Appropriate Animal Care
400,000 Complaints Regarding Animal Issues are Made Every Year
ALIVE NEWS 2010.12


Complains Against Animal Handling Businesses
According to ALIVE Nationwide Animal Control Questionnaire Survey, there are about 400,000 complaints regarding animal issues at the local government offices every year. Compared with the numbers of complaints in the other areas, this number is not small at all. The number includes the complaints against both individual pet owners and handling businesses. Thus it is difficult to identify only the complaints against animal handling businesses.

National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan reports that there are about 1,500 complaints about purchased pets or related pet issues every year. Although the regulations for animal handling businesses were enforced in 2006, the number of the complaints has not reduced since then.
Complaints are great source s of information to know and learn about the problems. However, most local governments do not utilize the information and data effectively. It is necessary to effectively make great use of it, in order to come up with good solutions and improve the situations. This is one of the tasks that Animal Welfare and Management Protection Plan should include in their research.

ALIVE demanded disclosure of information of some pet shops and breeders. As a result we were able to identify particular corrupted pet shops and breeders. Based on the findings, ALIVE has made the proposal for Animal Handling Regulation revisions as follows;

Install Traceability System

Establish and Reinforce Insurance and Deposit Systems for Animal Handling Businesses

Regulate Owners Who Keep Higher Than Usual Number of Animal as Pets

Organize the Regulations in Order to Consist with Other Animal Laws

Install Evaluation and Checking System and Set Clear Standards for Animal Handling Businesses

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