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More than 100,000 People Agreed with the Revision of Animal Welfare Act, and the Revision Plan was Signed.

We submitted this signature books to the House of Representatives and the President of the House of Councilors in April, 2009. 18 assembly members of the House of Representatives and 20 assembly members of the House of Councilors mediated the submission.

Petition Requesting the Strengthening of Measures
against Animal Abuse

To the Speaker of the House of Representatives,
To the President of the House of Councilors

With the aim of achieving better coexistence between people and other animals and in order to strengthen animal abuse prevention measures, we are presenting a petition to the Diet requesting to promote the revision and also effective operation and enforcement of the animal welfare act ( Act on Welfare and Management of Animals ) as described below :

l. Establish effective measures against animal abuse.
(1) Stipulate a clear definition of animal abuse.
(2) Obligate competent authorities to appoint staff responsible for humane treatment of animals and authorize these officers the following:
a) Temporarily take abused animals into protective custody;
b) Conduct on-site inspections, make recommendations, give orders, etc.; and
c) Cooperate with the police.
(3) Make it mandatory for certain professionals to report possible instances of animal abuse.

2. Take the following measures pertaining to individuals who keep a number of animals and animal dealers.
(1)Control the number of animals each individua1/dealer keeps.
(2)Increase the responsibilities of animal dealers.
(3)Expand the range of animal species (vertebrates) handled by animal dealers covered by the law.

3. Promote animal administration.
(1)Establish temporary animal sheltering facilities,
(2)Set out Standards for animal housing facilities.
(3)Establish animal aid measures as a part of emergency management.
(4)Achieve consistency between the anima welfare act and other animal-related legislation,
(5)Promote the development and allocation of human resources for operating this law.
(6)Promote popularization and public education concerning this law.
(7)Secure a budget for the promotion of measures concerning this law (such as a pet sales tax, etc.)

All Life ln a Viable Environment