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ALIVE records investigation and inspection results. We will share some parts of the videos here.

Please click pictures to see the videos.

ALIVE Movies: previews

The Last Minute of The Animals.
ALIVE Video No.1

Can we save dogs and cats from shelters? The story of cats and dogs that are destine to be disposed of
Is Life Disposable?
ALIVE Video 2
Dogs and cats are resources for breeders to make profits. Many of them come from overseas and are treated just like “things”.
What Do You See at Zoos?
ALIVE Video No.3
Are animals at zoos happy? Let’s take a look at the lives of animals at zoos, their stress and the sad condition of their daily lives.
Dairy Cows and Our Lives.
ALIVE Video No.5
Where do dairy products come from? How are the animal products being produced? This video tells the story from animals’ perspectives.
ALIVE Video No.4  

The Destiny of Abandoned Dogs and Cats
Save dogs and cats that are abandoned by their owners
.Disposable Dogs and Cats- Dogs that need your help

Listen to the last screams of dogs at shelters which will move you to want to help save their lives.

Dog/Cat Breeders and Breeding Business
Did you see “cute and cuddly pets” at a pet a shop? Please check “Companion Animals” page, before going to a pet shop
Commercialized Dog Breeding. Where was the dog born? Where did the dog come from?
The Last Place for Breeding Dogs Breeding dogs- disposed of and starved to death.

Abnormal Behavior of Animals in Zoos
Abnormal Behavior of Himalayan Brown Bears Abnormal Behavior of Polar Bears
Abnormal Behavior of Elephants Abnormal Behavior of Lions
Abnormal Behavior of Bush Dogs Abnormal Behavior of Raccoons
Abnormal Behavior of Chimpanzees Abnormal Behavior of
Abnormal Behavior of Camels Abnormal Behavior of Swans
Abnormal Behavior of Dogs (at an Animal Experiment Facility) Abnormal Behavior of
(At a Livestock Farm)

ALIVE shows you the horrible reality of fur production and the cruelty of bear farms, a target of international criticism, and shows the misery of living bears having their gallbladder juice extracted through a hole in their stomach.

Fur Industry and Its Reality.
No Fur!

Trapped Wild Animals

ALIVE Video Resource
The video shows shocking scenes in which wild animals get trapped by leghold traps and fur production.
Fur Industry and Farm

ALIVE Video Resource
Minks and foxes are cultivated to produce fur. They are captive and don’t have freedom to move around which results in their mental instability. Wearing fur itself is a form of cruelty.

Bear Farms
Bears’ Misery and Passion:
Bear Farms in Japan Bear Farms in Japan are hugely criticized internationally. WAZA warned the farms to improved the facilities.

Bear Facility in China

WSPA Video Resource

The purpose of the facilities is to continuously extract fluid from the bears' gallbladders, because they can sell it at high prices. In China, bears are kept in small cages with no space for to walk around. They open bears stomach and insert a tube to extract gallbladder juice while bears remain alive. Gallbladder juice is smuggled to Japan.

ALIVE Original Public Service Video: ALIVE created original public service videos to regarding animal welfare issues.

ALIVE produces, promotes and provides original public service videos to inform the public of issues with animals . The videos were shown at the International Advertising Festival. Please click the picture below to see them.

ALIVE Public Service Videos
  [Bear Farms]

“Animals’ Perspectives”
Shown at the theater which showed the Disney ,movie, “Brother Bear”.

Broadcasted on Hyper Vision Screen at JR Harajuku (Omotesando exit) (done)

Are Zoos Fun Places?

Shown on Hyper Vision Screen at JR Harajuku Station (Omotesando exit) (done)

For more information about zoo issues, please go to ZOOCHECK.

[Dogs and Cats]

“Don’t Abandoned Your Pets”

Shown on Hyper Vision Screen at JR Harajuku (Omotesando exit) (done)
“Every year 450,000 dogs and cats are killed in gas chambers.”(2003)
Source: ALIVE

Learn more about dogs and cats that are abandoned by their owners.