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ALIVE Newsletter No.105 Topic


— By Yasuhiro Seino (Representative and Co-Director of ALIVE)

It must have been very shocking for most readers of this newsletter when they first learned of the passing of ALIVE'S founder Fusako Nogami late last year. However, since last summer, Nogami had been preparing for the present situation. In her preparations, she emphasized that after her passing the board members should practice two things for the sake of the organization. The first was that all the experts and specialists who work for or with ALIVE would work in cooperation, and the second was that we would establish and operate the ALIVE Foundation in order to support various activities in a wide range of fields.

In keeping with Nogami's first wish, the staff and researchers of ALIVE will attempt to gain more knowledge and cooperate with each other, and we are also going improve our communication in order to strengthen the organization's teamwork. From time to time, we may contact you to see if you are interested in contributing your expertise and skills to help ALIVE's activities. We are hoping that by taking on board various new ideas we can provide a broader platform for carrying out activities that help animals.

With Newsletter No.105, we enclosed a questionnaire to help us in ascertaining your thoughts on further involvement with ALIVE. By collecting more people, ideas and knowledge, we believe that we will be able to form a much more secure organization.

Currently we have only two operational managers, so occasionally it may take time to process things, but we believe that bringing in more people and new ideas will enable ALIVE to grow stronger in future.

In addition, we are hoping to train people who are interested in developing their skills and knowledge in animal advocacy. We will continue to look for excellent personnel equipped with valuable knowledge and skills who can contribute to helping animals with ALIVE.