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ALIVE Newsletter No.107 Topic


— By Yasuhiro Seino (Representative and Co-Director of ALIVE)

It has been almost a year since ALIVE made the transition to its new administrative system. Looking back, the administrative staff and members of the organization have worked very hard on their tasks and on gathering excellent supporters. In our attempt to focus on securing and revitalizing the organization, we have recruited more supporting members and people who can work in their designated areas and we have also gathered more registered volunteers through questionnaire surveys. On top of this, we have added some extra news administrative staff. By securing our resources and organizational capacity, we believe ALIVE is now a much more influential organization involving more and more people who can improve the welfare of animals. We appreciate that this is all the result of our members' support and understanding.

By the time you receive this newsletter, the House of Councilor's Election will be very close. ALIVE has been continuously working with the government and the National Diet concerning the revision of animal welfare legislation, and we believe it is always very important to work with sensible Diet Members. So we would appreciate it if you could communicate with the candidates of your areas and let the ALIVE office know if you find any candidates who are interested in ALIVE's activities and its principles.

The politicians in your local area might not be interested in animal issues, but they might be interested in environmental issues and be supportive of ALIVE's activities in this area. If and when you see a politician making a speech in front of your local station, please walk up and give them some ALIVE pamphlets and leaflets and leave your name and contact information. This will make any subsequent communication easier and you will have a better chance of setting up a meeting with the politician.