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ALIVE Newsletter No.91Topic

Promote Livestock Welfare

Livestock are domesticated animals raised in commercial agricultural settings to produce commodities, such as milk, meat and wool etc. Every year in Japan, 900 million chickens, 16 million pigs and 1.2 million cows are slaughtered for human consumption. Additionally, nearly twice as much meat has been imported. This number shows that Japanese people consume about 2 billion cattle every year. The U.S. and China consume up to tens times more than Japan. Imagine the number of livestock slaughtered in the world. It is astronomical.

Due to the profit-driven economy, the livestock is kept in an egregiously inhumane environment. The livestock’s daily life is like living through terrible tortures. These livestock are destined to be slaughter soon. It is compassionate to provide, at least, a comfortable living environment for them, while they still have life.
I believe that feeling compassion towards the sad livestock is an important step to restoring humanity.

Fusako Nogami
Head of Publication and Editor