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ALIVE Newsletter No.92 Topic

What We Should Do in the Year of Biodiversity 2010

The United Nations declared 2010 to be the International Year of Biodiversity and they set May 22nd as the International Day for Biodiversity. On May 22, various events were held to support biodiversity around the world. In October 2010, the Conference of Parties (COP10) was held and thousands of people attended. We are at a very sensitive time in the fight to protect biodiversity around the world, so we should recognize this and think about what we can do, as an individuals, as countries and as communities, to sustain biodiversity.

Biodiversity, or the variety of living things that exist, is fundamental to the existence of life on earth. As you can see in food chains, all living things are interdependent upon each other. This idea made us think about how we live on earth. We now understand we can’t dominate the planet and control everything.
Our organization’s name, “Chikyu Seibutsu Kaigi” which means an earth conference of all creatures and it is suitable when discussing biodiversity. I hope to continue working on a great number of issues and making a difference to all living things on every part of the earth.

Fusako Nogami
Head of Publication and Editor