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ALIVE Newsletter No.95 Topic

Need a Conference of All Creatures on Earth (Chikiyu Seibutsu Kaigi)

Sometimes people call the Convention on Biological Diversity, COP(Conference of the Parties), “Earth Conference of All Creatures.” Our organization's, ALIVE, original name was “All Live in a Viable Environment” (Chikyu Seibutsu Kaigi) and the history of ALIVE goes way back to the 1980s, which is older than the birth of COP10.

It was during the time when the mountains and rivers of Japan were rapidly being destroyed, due to the push for economic growth in here. Around that time, I read an article written by a representative of a nature conservation group in Kochi-prefecture. The representative wrote, “now is the time to gather all living creatures on earth to listen to their claims. Otherwise, the earth's nature will be totally destroyed.” I was in complete agreement with this statement.

At that time, I was publishing an ecology magazine and decided to issue a special edition, “Chikyu Seibutsu Kaigi (Earth Conference of All Creatures)” in 1987. The issues focused on laboratory animals, livestock, and insects that were being killed by pesticides and voiced objection to the egotistic human-centered society which was the cause of the killing. My current activities all stem from these ideas..

Fusako Nogami
Head of Publication and Editor