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Dolphins at Dolphin Lagoon Singapore

ALIVE News Oct. 2003
The suffering and continued exploitation of dolphins at Dolphin Lagoon Singapore

Dear Mr Wee,

We, a Japanese nation-wide animal protection association, are concerned that the Indo-Pacific hump-backed dolphins are used for commercial purposes at the Dolphin lagoon Underwaterworld Singapore causing both mental and physical suffering.

In Japan we also have some aquariums where many dolphins that were captured in the wild are forced to perform. we think that it is a shameful industry.

We are making an appeal that we should enjoy watching dolphins when they come close to us by their own choice instead of capturing wild animals to see or pet.

Moreover, we are also appealing to Japanese tourists not to visit your facility just for enjoyment. The conservation and research value of keeping these dolphins in captivity is doubtful. Research conducted on dolphins in captivity does not have the potential to improve the conservation of wild dolphins as the lives of captive animals are artificial.

We would like to request that Underwater World Singapore do the following:

·End the use of dolphins in animal shows at Dolphin Lagoon.

·End the petting and Swim-with-Dolphin sessions at Dolphin Lagoon.

·Stop further imports of dolphins to Dolphin Lagoon.

·Start research on the rehabilitation of the Indo-Pacific hump-backed dolphins and eventually release the Indo-Pacific hump-backed dolphins at Dolphin Lagoon back into the wild.

The above policies will give us the best proof that Singapore is a progressive country concerning the welfare of animals in Asia.


Nogami Fusako
Director of ALIVE