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Orca (Killer Whale), Nami, Died at Nagoya Public Aquarium

ALIVE News Junuary 16, 2011

ALIVE reported about an orca (kille whale), Nami , in the Action Alert March 29, 2010 in the webiste.

(Chunichi Newspaper January 15, 2011)

Nami had been kept at Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium since June 2010, but unfortunately she died on January 14, 2011. Nami was thought to have colitis. Autopsy will be performed to find out the direct cause of her death.

Nami was a wild orca (killer whale) and she was captured in 1986 in Taiji-city, Wakayama. She was sold to Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium at the price of 500 million yen in June, 2010.

According to the aquarium, Nami started losing her appetite since December 21st, so the aquarium was giving her intense medical treatments. Her condition was improved once, but unfortunately it did not work and she died at 7:24 pm on January 14, 2011.

In 2008, the aquarium lost another orca (killer whale) “Coo." Nami is the 2nd orca (killer whale) that died at the same aquarium. The aquarium has kept Nami only for 7 months. The director of the aquarium said that the male orca (killer whale)’s average longevity is 80 years old and he added, “We tried our best to treat Nami. We are very sorry that we lost Nami so soon and apologize for the fans of Nami.”

(Chunichi Newspaper)