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A story about elephants as a present

ALIVE News August 2002

"2 Japanese are going to present an elephant to a public zoo in Osieku, Croatia. " Mr.Tajima made his decision to send two elephants to a zoo in Croatia because he heard from staff who were working to rebuild the zoo that a popular elephant, "Suzie", had been transferred to Hungary to escape the war. Suzie will not be returned because of her age. " Mr. Tajima and his associates have been collecting thousands of signatures and donations for 4 years, and in the near future their plan is going to come true. "
Tokyo newspaper report (7/17 1999):

We have heard that the zoo in Croatia welcomes their present, but the Croatian embassy does not like their idea. ALIVE feels that the donations should be spent in another useful way under Croatian's initiative.

We are also concerned about the welfare of the animals and disagree
with their idea.

Therefore,we would like to ask you to urgently send a letter to our national authorities concerning the issue of the elephants that may be sent to Japan from Sri Lanka by the group for presenting elephants to Croatia.