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Our proposal : an alternative to sending elephants to Croatia

ALIVE News 23/8 2002

1 The Foster parents plan for orphan elephants in Sri Lanak.

a) The elephants are going to be kept in Sri Lanka except being sent to Croatia.

b) Secretariat of the group for presenting elephants,the foundation for Suzie,Osijek zoo and Orphanage in Sri Lanka will establish "the group of foster parents of elephants".

c) The secretariat and the office that manages the foundation will be set up at the place where the management can be easily and smoothly done.

d) The foundation will be divided into 2 parts:

Part for a management of an orphanage in Sri Lanka and part for an establishment and a management of a group for foster parents.

2 Image event

a) An event to announce the elephants by image will be held at Osijek zoo.At the same time an image of Asian elephants taht are almost extinct will be played to inform that war and the destruction of the environment damages not only people's life but also wild animal's life.

b) Croatians and Japanese children who will attend the above event and do some volunteer work can get a certificate of foster parents (until they become adult)and the elephant's photo.

c) Children will decide to continue being foster parents or not when they become adults.

3 Programmes for peace and environmental education

a) Osijek zoo will hold a corner of elephants that focuses on image.
This place will promote friendship and natural protection among the 3 countries.Here we should appeal internationally.

b) The contents of the exhibition at this corner will be advised by animal protection groups and elephant specialists.

c) Japanese staff will cooperate and sometimes the contents will be renewed.

d) Personal computers will be set on this corner.Croatian children can communicate with Japanese children and know how the elephants are through the internet.

e) Friendship will be promoted by keeping to watch the 2 babay elephants' growth in 3 countries.

f ) Except for the above matters,ideas about events that should contribute to peace and the environment will be collected to be actually done.

5 Plan for protection of the elephants in Sri Lanka

a) It is said that the orphanage of elephants in Sri Lanka aims at releasing the elephants back to the wild.
This orphanage can be a sanctuary where orphan elephants are kept in a condition as close as the wild one.

b) This orphanage can send information about how the elephants are doing through the internet,video and photos to the world.

c) This orphanage can send an appeal for countermeasures and support about the conflicts between people and elephants caused by the development in Sri Lanka.

Moreover communication and understanding among children all over the world will be promoted by learning about the issue of war and the destruction of the environment through elephants.

Lastly we are proposing that the foundation should be spent for above activities.

All Life In a Viable Environment (ALIVE)