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Anti Vivisection Action Network



ALIVE's primary activities and what we have accomplished


Amendment of animal protection law

There was no effective law to protect animals in Japan and the maximum penalty to animal abuse, no matter how cruel it was, was 30,000 yen (150 pounds). ALIVE was one of the leading organizations of the network to campaign for amending this ineffective animal protection law and promoted petition, etc. The law was amended in November 1999, which increased the maximum penalty to 1,000,000 yen (5,000 pounds).

We are also involved in the efforts of Japanese groups to improve wildlife protection law.

Animals in Entertainment

Zoo Check

Since 1996, we have been investigating condition of zoos all over Japan and have made the reports widely available, which shock both the media and the public. This prompted some conscientious zoo officials to start working on enrichment plans and resulted in closure of some poorly maintained zoos.

We also conducted investigation on all bear parks in Japan, a joint project with WSPA, and have been campaigning for closure of some parks and improvement of conditions for others.


Impeding capture and import/export of wildlife

In 1998, we stopped Fuji Safari Park from purchasing and importing 3 of the "Tuli elephants" with an internationally coordinated campaign.

In 1999/2000, 2 Japanese aquaria requested for capture and import of wild sea otters from the Alaskan water. We coordinated efforts with US organizations and had them withdraw the requests.

In 1999/2000, we campaigned for the return of 4 smuggled baby orangutans back to Indonesia and the babies were sent back in February. This has made a landmark case, in which smuggled animals are returned to the country of origin from Japan.

Protecting local wildlife

In 1999, we campaigned against wild Japanese macaque monkeys from Takasakiyama Park, Oita, being sent to a local medical school for experimentation and put a halt to it.

We have been campaigning against the sale of leg-hold traps, purchase of which does not require a permit. As the result of our campaign, a regulation will soon be set.

Our campaigns have resulted in establishing some wildlife protection areas and put a halt to some extermination programs of "vermin".

Domestic Animals

Pet Shop Check

Conducting investigation of pet shops; check sheet we have prepared list items that need to be checked, which let anyone know what to look once in a pet shop. Our investigation has revealed (sometimes illegal) sale of wildlife as well as terrible conditions, in which animals are kept in some shops. We also urge the competent authorities to provide appropriate guidance for improvement.

Working toward abolishing transfer of unwanted companion animals from public compounds to research laboratories.

In 1991, we took custody of a dog who had been left untreated after some scientific experimentation and, together with AVA-net, ALIVE's Anti-Vivisection body, started to campaign against public compounds' giving away unwanted companion animals to research laboratories in Tokyo, which was followed by our national campaigns. In 1991, as many as 90,000 unwanted cats and dogs were given away to research facilities but this figure became less than 10,000 in 1999.

Public Education

We sponsor lectures, symposiaCntact, and seminars on various issues concerning animals and environment in many cities and towns in Japan. We also sponsor exhibits of panels, photos, and videos as well as handing out brochures and leaflets. Our activities have been covered by the media-newspapers, magazines, TV programs, etc.

We also encourage lifestyle that is kinder to animals and to our environment, including promotion of vegetarianism, cosmetics and household products that are not tested on animals, etc.

ALIVE's goal is to make a world where all creatures on this planet can live together.