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Anti Vivisection Action Network



ALIVE's goal is to make a world where all creatures on this planet can live together.

1. Hoping to Coexist With Wildlife:

Forest destruction, pollution of oceans, and commercial development drive wildlife from their habitats. Currently, tens of different species of wildlife are disappearing everyday. Even at your local wildlife habitat, animals are getting captured, slaughtered, and hunted everyday. All kinds of traps are left uncontrolled. We are dedicated to protect nature and desire to share this planet with wildlife.

2. Improving pet owner's morality:

Many pet owners get their pets as a fashion accessory. Puppy-mill owners constantly breed dogs and cats for profit. A number of people buy and sell animals as materials and throw their pets away when they get bored. Countless numbers of dogs and cats are getting euthanized and used in experiments. We are dedicated to improving pet owners' morality by urging proper ownership, foster service, and regulated breeding.

3. Promoting the evaluation of zoos:

Animals in zoos spend their whole time in small cages until they die. They become mentally ill because of stress of being watched by people and living in unnatural environment. It is unknown how aged or extra animals in zoos are treated.We urge zoos to improve an environmental enrichment.We should question the value of zoos.

4. Questioning the current Welfare of livestock:

Many people eat animal processed food. We hardly know what happens to these animals behind the scenes. Livestock spend their lives in small cages without sunshine or wind. They are also forced to take medicines everyday. We are trying to improve the environment of livestock so that it is more natural for them.

5. Requesting human medicine without animal sacrifice:

Just to prove safety in new products or to improve human medicines, 20 million animals are used for experiments annually. We are asking for information regarding all animal experiments, and we are also trying to stop unnecessary animal experiments. We are urging medicine without animal sacrifice.

6. Supervising scientific manipulation:

Researchers manipulate cells and genes as their curiosity. No one can imagine what these random investigations will do to our society or environment. We should always keep watching these activities by requesting more information and more regulations.